Mission, Vision and Values

Claflin seeks to foster a rich community who work to nurture and develop the skills and character needed for engaged citizenship and visionary and effective leadership.

Claflin University Mission Statement

Claflin University is a comprehensive institution of higher education affiliated with the United Methodist Church. A historically black university founded in 1869, Claflin is committed to providing students with access to exemplary educational opportunities in its undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs. Claflin seeks to foster a rich community comprised of students, faculty, staff and administrators who work to nurture and develop the skills and character needed for engaged citizenship and visionary and effective leadership.

In our undergraduate programs, Claflin provides students with the essential foundation of a liberal arts education. Emphasizing critical and analytic thinking, independent research, and oral and written communication skills, the University invites students to use disciplined study to explore and confront the substantive challenges facing the global society. Claflin’s graduate programs provide opportunities for advanced students to increase their specialization in particular fields of study oriented toward professional enhancement and academic growth. Our continuing education programs provide students with expanded avenues for professional development and personal fulfillment.

Claflin University Vision Statement

Claflin University will be recognized as one of the premier undergraduate teaching and research universities in the world that prepares effective and visionary leaders with global perspectives.

Claflin University Guiding Principles

At the center of everything the University does is a system of values informing and guiding all policies and programs. These values, expressed through Claflin's decisions and actions, are defined by five overarching guiding principles:

  • Commitment to Excellence through doing things better and differently.
  • Commitment to Valuing People by providing a safe, wholesome and healthy environment for our people to live, learn and work.
  • Commitment to Being Customer Focused, ensuring that everyone knows who the customer is, and takes steps to show it.
  • Commitment to Exemplary Educational Programs by educating our students in a way to help them have a full, quality life and function as productive citizens.
  • Commitment to Financial Accountability by putting in place sound and effective fiscal policies which are consistent with the mission and goals of the university.
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